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At Travel Life, we offer services beyond the typical tours and best trips in Melbourne. We provide options for booking tours of local sights and cosmetic tattooing services to help you look your best while on vacation. Our experienced professionals are here to ensure you have the perfect getaway experience with all the bells and whistles. So whatever type of vacation you’re looking for, Quality Hotel Bathurst has it all! Book your next stay with us, and let us show you why our service is one-of-a-kind.

Kakadu Tours

kakadu day tours from darwin

Kakadu Day Tours from Darwin offer a variety of day trips to the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. You will be taken on an unforgettable journey through spectacular landscapes, stunning wildlife and fascinating Aboriginal culture. Enjoy breathtaking views, unique flora and fauna, ancient rock art sites and rich cultural heritage at iconic places such as Ubirr, Nourlangie and Yellow Water. See crocodiles basking in the sun, explore wetlands full of bird life, learn about bush tucker, and take a boat cruise on Yellow Water Billabong. Our experienced local guides will provide you with fascinating insights into the natural environment and Aboriginal history and offer unique cultural experiences. Our Kakadu tours are the perfect way to explore one of Australia’s most spectacular regions. With options ranging from full-day Kakadu safaris to private 4WD day trips, there is something for everyone. Come and experience the unique beauty that Kakadu has to offer with a Kakadu Day Tour!

Duration : 3 days


Great Ocean Road day tour Melbourne

great ocean road road trip

The Great Ocean Road is considered one of the most scenic coastal drives globally and is highly recommended for visitors to Melbourne. A popular option to explore this famous route is by taking a Great Ocean Road day tour from Melbourne, which offers a chance to see various landscapes, attractions, and wildlife.

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, is a renowned coastal drive known for its rugged beauty and stunning scenery. It spans over 243 kilometers from Torquay to Allansford, winding along the coast and providing breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean from cliffs, rainforests, and beaches.

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

private wine tour yarra valley

The Yarra Valley is a renowned wine region in Australia, known for its exceptional wine offerings and beautiful winery locations. Visitors can enjoy stunning landscape scenery and award-winning wines, making it a destination for everyone to enjoy.

Wineries are located throughout the Yarra Valley, each offering their own distinct charm and flavors. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about local wine production and taste some of Australia’s exceptional wines at nearby wineries. For those seeking a more immersive wine experience, there are various activities to choose from, including special food and wine events, blending workshops, and cooking classes.

The Yarra Valley offers a variety of outdoor activities, including bushwalking, picnicking, mountain biking, and scenic lookout points.

Uluru Day Tours

day tours alice springs

Tours from Alice Springs to Uluru provide the opportunity to visit two of Australia’s most renowned destinations. Alice Springs, located in the Northern Territory, is a bustling center known for its cultural and natural attractions.

The Indigenous people of Australia have traditionally considered Uluru to be spiritually important and visually stunning. Traveling from Alice Springs to Uluru provides a remarkable opportunity to learn about Australia’s diverse history and culture.

Various tours to Uluru from Alice Springs are offered, including half-day trips, full-day sightseeing tours, and extended 3- or 4-day journeys.

Jumping Crocodile Cruise

tours in darwin

Jumping Crocodile tours and parks in Australia offer opportunities to observe some of the world’s largest species of reptiles, including mighty crocodiles. These can be found in various locations, such as National Parks and Wildlife Reserves, Crocosaurus Cove, Territory Wildlife Park, and Discovery Parks. Guided tours are available with wildlife experts who provide information about crocodiles’ behaviors.

Crocodylus Park offers boat tours that provide visitors with a close encounter with saltwater crocodiles. Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises also offers boat tours for observing the largest reptile species in their natural habitat.

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Eyebrow Feathering

eyebrow feathering

Feather brows tattoo is a type of tattoo. Each hair is drawn separately. It suits all appearance types and creates a natural image. It works at any age. The effect lasts for several years with timely correction and proper care. The pigment doesn’t wash out with water. It is resistant to sunburn.

The brow tattooing technique called “feathering” creates well-defined and beautiful brows. Feathered brows enhance the natural shape and make them more expressive, while also correcting any asymmetry. This technique has a long-lasting effect, lasting up to 2 years.

Cosmetic Tattooing Tour

lip blushing tattoo

Quality Hotel Bathurst offers lip blushing tattoo services. Our lip blushing tattoo is a semi permanent lip tinting technique that can enhance the shape, colour and overall appearance of your lips. This procedure uses natural pigments to create a soft lip blush which lasts for up to two years. The results are very natural looking and make the lips appear fuller and more youthful. Our experienced technicians will help you choose the perfect lip shade to suit your skintone and desired look. We use special techniques and equipment to ensure precise application and long lasting, beautiful results every time. With lip blush tattoo from Quality Hotel Bathurst, you can enjoy stunning lip colour without worrying about smudging or fading throughout the day! Contact us today to book an appointment and start your lip blushing tattooing journey.