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Darwin Crocodile Tour

Crocodile Parks 

Crocodile tours and parks offer a range of wildlife sighting experiences and provide an opportunity to observe some of the world’s largest species of reptiles powerful crocodiles. In Australia, the biggest reptile crocodiles can be found in various locations such as National Parks and Wildlife Reserves, Crocosaurus Cove, Territory Wildlife Park, and Discovery Parks. These parks provide guided tours of the area with wildlife experts who will point out interesting facts about the crocodiles and their behaviors.

For those seeking an even closer encounter with these giant crocodiles, Crocodylus Park offers multi-level boats that take visitors up close to iconic saltwater crocodiles. Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises also provides an exciting experience with boat tours that allow you to observe the iconic largest reptile species in their natural habitat.

Visitors who prefer to explore nature at a slower pace can opt for Berry Springs Nature Park. Here, visitors can view various wildlife such as wallabies and turtles. A variety of guided walks are also available which offer fascinating insight into the area’s natural wonders.

No matter what type of adventure you choose, there’s something for everyone on a crocodile tour or a visit to one of Australia’s many parks and reserves. From multi-level boat tours and spectacular jumping crocodile cruises to nature walks and wildlife sightings, you’re sure to find an experience that appeals to your inner adventurer.

 There is an afternoon jumping crocodile cruise available from Darwin for $119

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  • The Adelaide River offers a jumping crocodile cruise.
  • Crocodile feeding
  • Air-conditioned coach travel
  • Friendly & informative guide

Experience the thrill of seeing wild crocodiles in their natural habitat with an experienced guide. The tour gives you a unique insight into the lives of these remarkable creatures, as well as stunning views of the Adelaide River.
The tour takes you to a specially built platform with a specialized feeding station where your guide will be throwing out food and showing you how to spot and identify different types of crocodiles. Your guide will also talk to you about the importance of conservation and why it is crucial to protect these incredible creatures. You’ll also learn about their behavior and the best way to keep safe around them.

The Jumping Crocs Tour is an amazing experience and a must-do for all nature lovers visiting Darwin. Whether you’re there with family or friends, this tour will give you a unique insight into the lives of these remarkable reptiles. So why not book your spot on the next tour today?

The Jumping Crocs Tour is suitable for all ages and offers something to both children and adults. It is a great way to learn more about the ecology of this region, as well as gain insight into the lives of these wild animals. The tour also provides stunning views of the Adelaide River, where you can take in the beauty of the local wildlife. At the end of your tour, you’ll receive a certificate commemorating your experience.

Safety is paramount during the tour, and your guide will provide you with all the necessary information to keep you safe while you’re on the water. Everything will be taken care of so that you can enjoy the experience worry-free. The Jumping Crocs Tour is a truly unforgettable experience and one not to be missed out on!

Embark on an adventure like no other with our Afternoon Jumping Crocodile Cruise itinerary, straight out of Darwin! 

Experience an exhilarating encounter by facing one of the world’s most fierce predators on the Darwin Tour.

Experience the thrill of the iconic Jumping Crocodile Cruise as you venture to Adelaide River, a serene oasis just 60 kilometers south of Darwin. However, do not be deceived by the peaceful setting as over 1,600 Saltwater Crocodiles residing in the river, ready to jump out of the water to prey on their meals. Behold the mighty saltwater crocodile – ruler of the reptile kingdom, with a massive length of almost 7 meters and a jaw-dropping weight of over 100 kilograms! Their tails consist entirely of muscle, enabling them to leap out of the water with great force to catch their prey.

The jumping crocodile and Adelaide River cruises offer a chance to observe famous crocodiles in their natural habitat during feeding time. Afterward, the tour will return to Darwin.

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On the Jumping Crocodile Cruise, you’ll witness the incredible sight of saltwater crocodiles jumping out of the water to feed. This tour, which takes place on the Adelaide River, offers knowledgeable and experienced guides a safe and exciting opportunity to witness these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.
Absolutely! The Jumping Crocs Tour is designed to be family-friendly and offers educational and exciting experiences for both children and adults. Safety measures are strictly followed to ensure a safe experience for all ages.
Along with crocodiles, you might encounter a range of local wildlife, including wallabies, turtles, and various bird species, especially in locations like Berry Springs Nature Park.
Your safety is the top priority on these tours. Guides are well-trained and provide necessary safety information and instructions. Always follow the guidelines provided by your guide to enjoy a worry-free and safe experience.

Yes, in addition to the Jumping Crocodile Cruise, you can explore a variety of tours in the Darwin area. These include a one-day visit to Katherine Gorge, a day trip to Litchfield National Park, a three-day journey from Darwin to Alice Springs, and a cultural tour of Tiwi Island.