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Eyebrow Tattooing By Feathering Method

Feather brows tattoo is a type of tattoo where each hair is drawn separately. The technique is suitable for all appearance types and creates a natural image at any age. With timely correction and proper care the effect lasts for several years. The pigment does not wash out with water and is resistant to burning in the sun.

feather brows

Eyebrow Feathering

Duration 2 hours
$ 749
Table of Contents

Feathered eyebrows before and after

What is feathering eyebrows?

There are several techniques of eyebrows feather tattoo:

  1. European. The hairs are traced from the bottom up after breaking.
  2. Eastern, or “Asia”. The slope of the hairs in this technique after the break is drawn from top to bottom.

Advantages and disadvantages Feathered Brows

Feather brows tattoo is a gentle tattooing that can be corrected without problems. The advantages of the brow feather tattoo technique include:

  • The ability to create a natural look;
  • No need to spend time on makeup;
  • Masking of aesthetic defects;
  • Correction of asymmetry;
  • Voluminous and lush eyebrows.

The disadvantages of the procedure include the need for correction and recovery period, during which it is obligatory to follow the recommendations of the master.

Who is recommended for eyebrows feather tattoo?

Eyebrows feathering in the hair technique is suitable for girls and women with the following problems:

  • Sparse eyebrows;
  • Dull color of the hairs;
  • Asymmetrical arches;
  • Unimpressive shape;
  • Scars or scars that interfere with hair growth.

After prolonged use of tweezers for correction of eyebrow shape the hairs stop growing. If previously thread eyebrows were in fashion, now girls tend to voluminous, puffy eyebrows. The brows of a feather method of eyebrow tattooing can help achieve this.

Preparing for the procedure

During the week before the session, it is recommended to avoid the sun. The day before the tattoo can not take alcohol, and on the day of the procedure – drinking coffee. Before proceeding to the procedure, the master selects the shade of dye in accordance with the color of hair, eyes and skin. The arc line is chosen taking into account the shape of the face.

How the procedure is performed

Once the shape of the eyebrows and the tattooing technique has been approved, the master proceeds to perform the manipulations:

  • Treats the skin with an antibacterial agent;
  • Draws the contour with a cosmetic pencil;
  • Makes the first pass without the use of anesthesia;
  • Applies anesthesia;
  • Injects the pigment into the surface layer of the skin with a sterile instrument.

In terms of time, the procedure usually does not take more than 40 minutes.

What the eyebrows look like after a eye brow feathering

The before and after photos show the result of drawing eyebrows in the feather tattoo brows technique. Immediately after the tattoo eyebrows seem too bright, the shade may differ from the desired one. Reddening of the skin may be observed. This is a normal reaction of the body to the procedure. Within a month, there will be a gradual regeneration of the skin. The final result and the desired shade of the dye will appear in 4 weeks.


In order to enjoy lush and beautiful eyebrows for a long time, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the wizard. During the first days, avoid contact with water. Eliminate protruding scab can be done with a cotton pad soaked in chlorhexidine. On the third day after the procedure, peeling appears. Crusts should not be removed, they should go away on their own.

Within 2 weeks after the session, abstain from visiting the gym, sauna and swimming pool. Cover your face from the sun, plus wear wide sunglasses when going outdoors.


Tattooing can not be done by pregnant women, in the presence of hormonal disorders, people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Doctors do not recommend the procedure for persons with hepatitis, viral diseases and HIV.

How long does the tattoo last and does it need correction?

The eyebrow microblading feathering technique, as well as other permant techniques, requires correction one month after the first treatment. The master will correct the shape of hairs and fill in gaps that may have appeared due to improper care or individual skin regeneration peculiarities. If the shade is too dull, it can be made more saturated and tone can be corrected.

According to feedback from clients, the tattoo looks between 1.5 and 3 years, the duration of the effect depends on the quality of pigment, the depth of the dye, skin type and speed of metabolism.

Feathered tattooed eyebrows and microblading: the difference between

How do permanent eyebrow makeup in the feather eyebrow technique? As a rule, the dye is introduced under the skin with the help of microscopic needles. If microblading is chosen, the master makes incisions in the skin with a blade, in which the pigment is introduced. After the hardware feathered tattoo eyebrows hairs look thicker and more natural than after microblading. The fact is that the incisions are made manually, and therefore the distance between them may be greater than the strokes made by the machine.

Cost of the procedure

Masters of permanent makeup studio BROWN Permanent Make Up is always ready to transform your appearance and make the image more expressive. The cost of permanent make-up starts from 5990 rubles. The price depends on the type of dye and amount of work. We do correction with 50% discount

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